These Tech Innovations Help Solopreneurs Get the Job Done – Wherever Business Takes You

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Entrepreneurs are known for being innovative. This is no surprise considering how starting your own business requires you to think outside the box and take risks. When you’re a solopreneur who is building and running a business on your own, being open to innovation becomes even more important. You don’t want to stay stuck where you are, but there is a limit to what one person can do. This is where it pays to embrace the world of technology and adopt innovative new tools that multiply what you can accomplish in the time you have.

Streamline Everyday Actions

The great thing about running a solo business with today’s technology is that it allows you to streamline your everyday tasks so that each one takes a fraction of the time it would otherwise. It also gives you unlimited access to people and tools that can take your efforts to the next level.


First up is a website. You know you need one, but you also know that a cookie-cutter site won’t cut it. If you aren’t web-savvy, the internet can lead you to someone who is. Freelance staffing agencies can connect you with a developer that understands things like WordPress — a tool that can help you customize and improve the performance of your website. The right dev person can get your site up fast, even if you need custom features. Look for a freelancer at first, so you won’t have to commit right off to a full-time employee. You’ll save money and still have access to their experience to create a site that your customers will love.


With all you have on your plate, many solopreneurs get weighed down by essential yet mundane tasks like sending invoices, receiving payments, and generating estimates. This is why accounting — especially invoicing — is one key area that you should consider streamlining. The best invoicing software will be something you can use on any device, wherever you are, to take the time commitment and guesswork out of accounting tasks.


Without having a hired marketing professional, you’re responsible for developing and carrying out your own marketing strategies. This is one area where innovation has led to lots of great apps that help. Hootsuite, for example, can keep you on top of your social media platforms, while Buzzsumo offers a peek at what type of content is trending. We love this because it gives you the insight you need to make sure you’re not only posting on social media but also to make sure your posts are relevant and more likely to be engaging.

And while social media is a marketing necessity for all businesses these days, don’t assume that email is a thing of the past. In fact, Campaign Monitor says sending emails that are optimized for mobile devices is even more important than social media because emails reach customers so consistently. As a business owner, the great thing is that digital tools can help automate your marketing emails and ensure you’re targeting the right audience.

Hiring Diligence

While today’s technology makes it easier than ever to find employees, you still want to make sure that whoever you choose to join your team — whether they’re a permanent employee or freelancer —  is the best fit for the job. That means, in many cases, doing a quick search of the potential employee online before you hire them. This way, you can scour their social media profiles to see if they have left any clues about themselves. Things to look for include information that supports their proclaimed qualifications and how they conduct themselves via professional networking sites.

Customer Service

Finding customers, connecting with them, and providing customer service are all essential parts of running a business, but it can be hard for one person to do this effectively. This is why the blog Hatchbuck recommends using software that automates leads, along with a customer relations manager, to have better connections with customers through an automated system.

Using this type of software is the perfect example of how solopreneurs can take advantage of tools that help you accomplish more than one goal. Solopreneurs wear many hats — you’re the marketing director, the accountant, administrator, and everything else your business needs! Even though you can’t do it all, you can use the best and most innovative tools, tech, and software that will help your business grow.

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