What is the size of the Instagram picture or image in pixels?

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. It is an image and short video sharing social network. As of September 2017, Instagram had reached 800 million monthly active users. To put this into perspective, that’s over double the monthly active users of Twitter and three times as much for monthly active users on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It’s the best place to showcase your visual creativity.

Visual contents are the most important today!

Whether it’s a video, news update or even a gif, visual content rules the social media world. What has become so important is effectively conveying your brand on social media through images and video.

Editing and preparing your images for Instagram is very important. Although it can be a daunting and confusing task, especially if you are trying to crop or resize your images on a desktop or laptop computer ready for posting. There are multiple image sizes available for Instagram feed posts. Therefore, we’ve meticulously researched all aspect of Instagram sizing, so all you need to do is worry about whether or not your feed has a cohesive aesthetic.

Instagram Image Sizes

Profile Picture: 110 x 110 pixels


When resizing or cropping the images you want to use for your profile, ensure your profile image is clear enough and recognizable so users can find you even easier through search or explore. If its for a brand, ensure the logo is visible and does not cut off in the circle.

Profile Image Guidelines

  • They appear on your profile at 110 x 110 pixels.
  • Square photo: make sure to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Photo Thumbnails: 161 x 161 pixels


Thumbnails Image Guidelines

  • Instagram image thumbnails appear on the page at 161 x 161 pixels.
  • Square photo: make sure to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1 ratio.

Photo Size: 1080 x 1080


Instagram is all about the images and videos presented in your followers’ feed.

In fact, Instagram higher resolution photos will only be maintained when taken from the native application. If you decided to upload a photo or video from any other device, the resolution will be much lower.

Photo size image guidelines

  • The size of Instagram images has been increased to 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Instagram still scales these photos down to 612 x 612 pixels.
  • Images appear in the Instagram feed at 510 x 510 pixels.
  • Square or rectangle photos: make sure to maintain an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 ratios.
  • Larger featured header images appear as 409 x 409 pixels.
  • Smaller featured header images appear as 204 x 204 pixels

Instagram Stories Sizes

Instagram stories are displayed in an aspect ratio of 9:16. Therefore, the ideal size for Instagram stories is 1080×1920 pixels.

Instagram Image Resolution – Mobile

When you share a photo on Instagram, regardless of whether you’re using Instagram for iOS or Android, Instagram automatically makes sure to upload it using the best quality resolution possible (up to a width of 1080 pixels).

When you share a photo that has a width between 320 and 1080 pixels, Instagram keeps that image at its original resolution as long as the image’s aspect ratio is between 1.91:1 and 4:5 (a height between 566 and 1350 pixels with a width of 1080 pixels). If the aspect ratio of your photo isn’t supported, it will be cropped to fit a supported ratio. If you share a photo at a lower resolution, it’s enlarged to a width of 320 pixels. If you share a photo at a higher resolution, it’s sized down to a width of 1080 pixels.

Note: To ensure that your photo is shared with a width of 1080 pixels, you must download the most recent version of the Instagram app, upload a photo with a width of at least 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 and make sure you’re using a phone with a high-quality camera as different phones have cameras of varying qualities.

Expanded size and dimension options for Instagram

Changes were made by Instagram a while back to enable you post images without having to crop these images into a square. Although, when you go to add a new picture, it automatically tries to crop your photo into a square. You need to tap the button with the corner arrows on the far left to get your image back to its original size.

This freedom to crop however you see fit makes a huge amount of sense. This is because, one out of every five photos posted to Instagram started out in landscape or portrait mode, so cropping everything to a square meant people were cut out of photos or distance shots just didn’t feel quite as captivating. Now when you post a photo in Instagram, you can crop in both square and rectangular aspect ratios.

Note: Although it’s true that you ”can” post in a variety of rectangular shapes, square posts are still going to display the best on Instagram. If an image is portrait oriented, you won’t see the caption and the whole image on the same screen without doing a little scrolling. And landscape-oriented images won’t take up as much space on the scroll, so you’re going to lose some of the wow-factor.

This probably doesn’t affect you if you’re just running your personal feed, but it’s something to consider if you’re trying to create promotional content for a brand.

How to create Insta posts using design templates

PicMonkey and Canva have a nice selection of Instagram image templates if you’re looking to get a little graphic with your posts. We just mean if you want something designed with built-in graphic image elements like overlays and text. Each of these posts is automatically sized to your ideal 1080 x 1080 square post size.

If you’re angling for that perfectly square post with none of the extra frill, you can also use the Blank Instagram Post template to size your photo.

If you are using PicMonkey, Click Customize to launch the template into the Editor and then right-click it to replace our image with an image from your computer or online image hub. It’ll be perfectly sized to 1080 x 1080 pixels.

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