Guide to enable/disable JavaScript in a Browser

Today, all browsers have JavaScript installed and enabled by default. Keep in mind that many features on web pages are JavaScript dependent and will not work properly when it is disabled. Additionally, you must know that Java and JavaScript are two totally dissimilar features of any browser. Today, has come up with the typical ways to enable/disable JavaScript in a browser. Continue reading “Guide to enable/disable JavaScript in a Browser”

Crucial Tips for Debugging HTML & CSS – Know it Now or Never

While coding with HTML and CSS, it is pretty obvious to make mistakes. To find out those errors and erase them, has come today with a few tips for debugging HTML & CSS. The steps mentioned are in no specific order. Debugging is part technical and part natural art form that’s just learned with practice. As you build additional projects, the debugging techniques that you should aim in unique situations will become more evident. Continue reading “Crucial Tips for Debugging HTML & CSS – Know it Now or Never”

SimplUI – One Page Clean Editable Parallax HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Segment from Shortcode Page:

SimplUI is designed keeping the mass users in mind which is white clean and responsive, from interacting with the website to designing UI/UX everything is simple and explicit. It is tested with non-tech users and the results are positive. Codes are optimized and extra file is added to increase performance.


NOTE: Images only for demo purpose. Not included in the download package. All credits are mentioned on the Documentation.