How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme?

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WordPress has become a globally famous platform for designing and developing a website and blogs. Although, it might seem an easy task to do, but when it comes to actually designing a WordPress website or a blog, most often the beginners feel repulsed for selecting a perfect theme. Having a wide variety of themes available for use, both free and paid, it becomes a confusing task to scroll through them, and select one. The question that beginners are stuck with, How to choose the best theme for WordPress? Is still unanswered.

In this article, you will not only get the answer to this question, but will also find some of the interesting tips and tricks that will help you decide which theme is the best one for you.

Reasons why one should be careful while picking a WordPress theme

Before moving forward with this, let’s go through the reasons why one should be careful while selecting a theme for their WordPress website or a blog. As WordPress is used for designing all types of websites, the themes are also classified according to these types. One should always select a theme that complements with the idea on which the website or a blog is designed as that will increase the reliability and trust factor among the audience. Before you select any theme blindly, make sure that you go through all the features and customization options that come along with it. Also, if you are picking the WordPress theme, don’t just go for the flashy designs and stunning appearance, as most often these themes slow down the website or a blog.

Features to look for while selecting a theme:

There are many features that define the difference between a good and the best WordPress theme. While selecting the Wordress theme make sure you look for following features.

1. Simplicity

It is a myth that complicated and confusing designs are worth designing. Rather simple website themes tend to sell more. Make sure that unless it is required as a basic necessity, you do not go for the flashy designs, complicated features and complex layouts. Remember the KISS strategy that is “Keep it simple, Stuid” as the Simple is best and genuine.

2. Responsive

Well! Being Responsive is no more an option in designing a website nowadays. So, it is wise that you choose a theme that provides you an option of making it responsive. By responsive, it means that the layout of the website should be adjustable with the device size.

So, if you are looking for the one page website theme, still it is wise that you go with the one page responsive WordPress theme.

3. Browser compatibility

The next thing one should note is the compatibility of a theme with the browsers. Here, the more compatibility options the best is the theme design. So, pick the theme that runs almost every browser.

4. Supported Plugins

The basic power of WordPress comes with the WordPress plugins, and while scrolling through the themes, one should make sure that the theme has expendable plugins, as that will allow you do experiment with your website to make it more effective.

5. SEO Friendliness

What is the use of the website, when you cannot perform SEO on it? So, make sure, that the theme you pick has an optimal HTML code. For the beginners, it is difficult to screen the source code and, this is where the professional developers jump in.

Even if, you are looking for the best one page WordPress theme, still it has become mandatory to select the theme that is SEO friendly.

6. Translation and multilingual Ready

As per the survey carried out, there are a large number of WordPress sites that are not originally written in English. So, it is important that you plan to create the multilingual WordPress site for increasing the reach of the site throughout the world. For this purpose, it becomes prudent, that you select the theme that supports multilingual plugins in the WordPress.

If you are looking for the best one page WordPress theme, make sure it comes with translation feature.

7. Page Builders

One other feature to consider while selecting a WordPress theme is the page builder plugins. These are the plugins that allow the user to create page layouts by simply dragging and dropping. When it comes to WordPress themes, note that, not all the themes come with the page builder plugins, so you should be very careful while selecting the theme for your website.

Note: WordPress theme that comes with age builders, generate a lot of unwanted code, that one has to clean before he or she switches the theme.

There are many themes that come with the built-in page builder plugin, but if not you can surely purchase the page builder separately to use with all the themes.

8. Support option

No guaranteed support is one of the drawbacks of the free WordPress themes. In case you mess up your WordPress theme, then you are on your own, when it comes to the free themes. And if it is complicated, then most probably, you will end up paying the third party to resolve the issues. So, make sure that select that WordPress theme, that have good documentation and support option.

Note: Most of the premium WordPress themes come with the proper and detailed documentation and a year of free support.

These are some basic points that one should keep in mind while selecting a WordPress theme. With the help of professional developers and designers at Theme Roaster, you can not only get the best and optimized website results, but can also select from the best of the best WordPress themes for all types of website, be it multipage or one page website theme, or even for a blog. Make sure you go through all the features of the theme you are willing to select before hand, so that there is no trouble afterwards. Design your website with the best multi-page and one page WordPress themes with us.

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