Best Asphalt Textures

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Texture is a powerful technique for creating compelling and life-like design projects. They are important elements of any graphic design project for an easy start with high quality background effects. Texture is the surface quality or feel of an object. The way your skin rubs against the fabric of your wool blanket, the rough feeling of a sponge against your skin while bathing, or the warm sensation of the soapy bubbles covering your skin in the bath— these are all feelings, sensations and experiences created just by the qualities of texture.

In graphic and web design, textures are visual only features of design. However, it creates a physical illusion and plays a role in the creation of all visual elements

Asphalt textures can be used to create some riveting logo, websites background and poster designs. You can create some captivating designs by downloading these high resolution asphalt textures. The tar look can be quite gripping and can be used to make some design elements.

7 Ways to Integrate Asphalt Texture into your Designs

There are various ways to incorporate asphalt texture into your designs, below are a few of them.

  1. Using Asphalt Textures to Bring Organic Life to Your Designs: Implementing natural elements with asphalt textures into design infuses it with life, bringing vividness, warmth and beauty to the result.
  2. Create Experimental Designs By Using Unique Asphalt Textures: You can create an endless selection of asphalt texture images that can form a focal point in any graphic design. By using the power of modern graphics software, designers can add a broad spectrum of asphalt textures to their designs, and the results are limited only by imagination.
  3. Use it to Build Visual Interest: Asphalt textures come with a wide variety of uses, especially in print art where the paper type, glossy ink layers and matte surfaces attract the viewers’ attention and transform it into a physical interest towards the design.
  4. Create Immersive Graphic Design With Asphalt Textured Graphics: Asphalt graphics and backgrounds can be used in your designs in a way that gives them the effect that they are truly immersed. Immersing asphalt texture into your design features brings depth and detail to your art.
  5. Making a Bold Statement with Asphalt Typography: Asphalt Texture can be combined with typography to create stunning design effects. Typographical art offers a wide variety of different design that adds diversity and accent to modern minimalist designs. Depending on type size, shape, colour and texture, typography art can create a powerful statement without the need for complicated design compositions.
  6. Create Compelling Designs with Asphalt Fonts: Instead of asphalt typography, asphalt fonts have a different set of features which aid in the creation of different designs. Pre-made asphalt fonts waive the need for you to set up texture opacity and filters by providing a quicker solution for creating visually appealing texts.
  7. Creating Visually Provoking Designs with Asphalt textured Backgrounds: You can use texture opacity, filters and blend tools to create captivating backgrounds.

Free Asphalt Textures

Asphalt textures can be used for the most realistic rendering of games and themes. This is a suitable for game designers who are looking to add a realistic touch to their creation.

For the largest usable collection of asphalt texture photos, these packs include images ranging through different shades of grey, brown and black. A combination of such coloured texture can also be found. You can also choose multiples of these textures to infuse in your design. They are extremely well suited for wallpapers, website background etc.


Here are some of the best free asphalt textures to infuse into your other design compositions.

High Resolution Asphalt Textures

The asphalt textures bring in clarity and can be infused seamlessly to design background for both paper print and web designs. You can import and use in on multiple graphics design softwares.


This simply cracked texture gives away subtle details and sharpness, which is more or less absent from seamless asphalt textures. The broken asphalt texture creates more contrast and adds on the design.


Rough Asphalt Road Texture


Cracked Yellow Asphalt Texture

The yellowish hue on asphalt is naturally bright, and the broken asphalt design creates exceptional characteristic to the design. The texture can be used with red, green or blue graphic composition which would pop out because of the yellow background.


Dirty Asphalt Texture


It can be utilized for creating some intricate designs; the dirty asphalt becomes the base over which layers of colours, logos, and geometrical designs can make it more quintessential. The design can be used for posters and wallpaper designs

Dark Asphalt Texture



Raw Asphalt Textures




Finally, these asphalt textures and backgrounds included in this article are guaranteed free, there are no surcharges for downloading, editing or using them in the future. There are no nasty watermarks which can otherwise ruin your designs and become an added hassle when it comes to editing.

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